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Let’s Practice the Simple Past!!!

Let's Practice the Simple Past!!!!!

1 - Complete the spaces with the Past Tense of the following verbs:

see, go, travel, visit (3 x) , be, have, take, arrive.

Last year Richard _______________ to Washington D.C. He ____________ there on July 5. The following day he _____________ on a tour around the city. First he _______________ the National Gallery of Art where he ___________ famous collections of paintings and sculptures. Then he _____________ the Capitol and _____________ the National Air and Space Museum. After that he _____________ the Washington Monument which is about 170 meters tall. The monument is dedicated to the memory of George Washington who _____________ the first president of the United States. Then Richard _____________ an elevator to go to the top of the Monument where he _______________ a beautiful view of the city.

2 - Complete the sentences by using the simple past (regular and irregular verbs). Use the verbs only once.

speak - have - read - drive - drink - begin - meet - take

a) Sue __________________ a cup of coffee before class this morning.

b) We __________________ a delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant last night.

c) When it _______________ to rain yesterday afternoon, I shut all the windows in the apartment.

d) I ______________ an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday.

e) I ______________ Jennifer's parents when they visited her. She introduced me to them.

f) Yesterday I called Jason on the phone. He wasn't home, so I _____________ to his sister.

g) Mary walked to school today. Rebecca ________ her car. Sandy ________a bus.

3 - Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs below.

Get – buy – take – play – leave

a)Where did the children _____ soccer last Sunday? They ______ in the park.

b) What time did you _____ up this morning? I ______ up at 8 o' clock.

c) How many photos did Paul ______? He ______ twenty-four.

d) When did the teacher _______ school last Friday? She ______ at 4 o' clock.

e) What did she _____ in the supermarket yesterday/She _____ some bread and a box of cereal.

4 - Observe as orações abaixo e marque as orações corretas de acordo com as regras do Simple Past:

( ) We did not visit Alaska last year.

( ) They didn't visited her grandmother yesterday.

( ) I watched a good film yesterday.

( ) Did you traveled to Rome last year?

( ) Did you see my mother?

( ) I had lunch at seven o'clock yesterday.

5 - Transforme-as em negativas e interrogativas: (6 pontos)

  1. He got his own camera.
  2. His father showed him how to use a camera.

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